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Tom Donoghue Photography provides a photojournalistic approach to event photography producing high quality professional candid images which document the excitement and emotion of those attending and promoting celebrity, VIP and sporting events.

For decades Tom has studied the technical and scientific elements of photography and with each passing year his skill level increased, his technique imporoved and became more polished, until he realized he had mastered his craft and was now capable of producing a professional quality product consistantly frame after frame, year after year.

Having exposed hundreds of thousands of frames of emulsive film and captured tens of thousands of gigabytes of digital images, the technical and mechanical aspects of his craft now mastered, Tom began to hone his optical interpolation.

He began seeing things more colorfully than the average person, sharper and in patterns of composition not readily familiar to the untrained eye... not when staging portraits, but on-the-fly.

The greatest value of the product and service Tom Donoghue's photography provides his clients, is not in the images he produces, though they are indeed spectacular, but in the fact that for a split second, a mere blnk of an eye, Tom has effectively stopped time.

The faces, the events, the smiles and the excitement frozen in time, compiled in media of his craft are captured moments in time which can be passed forward for all to see year after year as though what they are looking at happened moments ago. That is indeed perhaps the closest we may ever get to true time travel.

The SERVICE Tom Donoghue provides is his skill, his dedication, a keen eye for color and composition, years of learning to understand his craft and decades more learning how to interpret what his clients' needs are and having the talent, skill, wisdom and dedication required to satisfy those needs.

Tom Donoghue has become a famous face himself in the world of celebrity and VIP events.

Las Vegas entertainment critics recognize if Tom Donoghue is not covering a Special Event... then the event must not be all that Special.

High Quality professional candid/photojournalistic coverage of celebrities, sports figures, politicians and Special Events is the PRODUCT Tom Donoghue provides.

The SERVICE he provides is his extensive body of knowledge and understanding of his subjects... people, places and events.